Humaucracy Health was built to be different from previous health care models in 3 important ways: our focus on the individual, our community-based approach, and our proactive model of health care.
Individually Focused
HH recognizes the variety of influences on your health.  We thus focus on the whole person, by addressing 9 areas that can affect your health
  • Health
  • Diet
  • Community
  • Money
  • Sex
  • Stress & Illness
  • Emotion
  • Cognition
  • The Individual
Our broader perspective may show an improvement to individuals using many current, narrower primary care models.
Community Based
This is more than just lip service. HH seeks to strengthen the health of people by strengthening health of communities. We accomplish this in a variety of ways.
  • we come to you
  • community involvement
  • interest in your own relationships from a health care perspective
Imagine days past when a Physician came to your door for house calls... only now he brings an iPhone, with access to the best information at his fingertips.  That blending of the best of old & new is what HU strives to deliver.
Proactive Primary Care
Whereas current systems generally interact with you when you are sick, Humaucracy Health seeks to interact with you when you are well.
  • proactive- we will enhance your current health to keep away disease in the future
  • primary- early intervention- an 'ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure'
  • care- when you are sick, we save you a Doctors visit....  by coming to you
Think of us as a Nurse when you are sick, and a coach when you are well.