Accidental Injury Insurance
A type of insurance that pays a specific dollar amount for a specific, 1-time injury.  For example, breaking your arm, "blowing out" your knee, or experiencing a concussion would be covered under Accidental Injury Insurance.  This would cover the injury itself and subsequent treatments of it, up to the dollar limit stated in your policy. 
Accidents costing over 100,000 dollars typically fall under a different category: see "Catastrophic Insurance."
Catastrophic Insurance
A type of insurance that protects you when you experience a very high-cost trauma or medical event, (typically over 100,000 dollars).  These typically occur 2 ways: trauma or medical.  For example, tc. 
Chronic Conditions
Common examples include diabetes, hypertension, ephesema, and obesity.
Cognition (1 of the 9 Humaucracy Health Domains)
When was the last time your doctor listened to you talk about your ideas about your health?  Humaucracy Health is committed to working with you to optimize your health.  Being mindful of you in every aspect is something your Humaucracy Health Nurse is trained to do.
Community, "the 2016" (1 of the 9 Humaucracy Health Domains)
Do you feel your community can effect your health?  Does your health care organization actively improve the health of your community?  Humaucracy Health takes the stance that healthy communities produce healthy people, & therefore works to enhance the health, wealth, & well-being of both.  Look for us- in our unique purple scrub uniforms- getting involved in your community!
Diet (1 of the 9 Humaucracy Health Domains)
It's well known that your diet can direct your health.  But when was the last time your health care provider not only told you what to eat, but also provided the coaching & tools to succeed?  Your Humaucracy Health Nurse will develop a more personal relationship with you as you improve your eating habits, striving with you to achieve your dietary health goals.
Emotion (1 of the 9 Humaucracy Health Domains)
Do you feel like your health care provider cares about your emotional health?  Humaucracy Health- pulling from a large pool of Health Care evidence- believes your emotional health underlies many other facets of your health, yet it is often overlooked.  You can thus trust your Humaucracy Health Nurse to be patient & professional should you care to share your emotional health concerns.
Health (1 of the 9 Humaucracy Health Domains)
Does your current health care provider intervene only when you're sick, leaving you with a bill & no health promotion?  Humaucracy Health will be there through sickness and in health: we're your nurse when you're sick and your coach you when you're well.  We believe building on your healthy habits when your are well will build a healthier you.
Insurance Packages
Different insurances are often grouped then sold in insurance "packages" that cover a variety of claims, then sold to consumers. Each different coverage is called a "line."
Also see: Line Item Coverage.
Line Item Coverage
Insurance is often grouped by "lines" then packaged.  If you work for a larger company, this is commonly how you are sold insurance.   A "line" represents one of the categories listed below. 
    • Major Medical
    • Accidental Health
    • Doctors Visits
    • Labs
    • Specialty Care
    • etc
For example, Major Medical is an insurance line that protects you in the event of major illness.  Hospitalization, on the other hand, is a line that insurance companies package to pay for your hospital bills.
Your employer may occasionally allow you to "opt out" of one of the lines to reduce your cost.
Management of Care
Primary Care is the typical nexus for care management, as they are typically the first to interact with an individual. 
Money (1 of the 9 Humaucracy Health Domains)
Has money ever stressed you out?  It's a well-known fact that stress induces illness, and one of the #1 stressors of people & communities is money.  Humaucracy Health is one of the few health care organizations that brings your financial health and physical health together as one, helping you optimize your health & wealth in unison.
HH recognizes the variety of influences on your health. We thus help you optimize your Health by addressing 9 areas:
  • Health
  • Diet
  • Community, the 2016
  • Money
  • Sex
  • Stress & Illness
  • Emotion
  • Cognition
  • The Individual
Our broader perspective may show an improvement to individuals using many current, narrower primary care models.
Primary Care
As of July 2012, Humaucracy Health provides only primary care.  However, we endeavor to provide further services as we grow with our communities.  Check back with us over coming months, and watch for us in your community- we're happy to provide a free brief consultation anywhere, even on the street!
Sex (1 of the 9 Humaucracy Health Domains)
 Have you ever felt uncomfortable talking about your sexual, reproductive, or GI health?  You can count on Humaucracy Health Nurses to treat your concerns in the most professional manner.  Humaucracy Health believes that, like Emotion, Sexual health is a very important yet often overlooked influence on people's health.
Stress & Illness (1 of the 9 Humaucracy Health Domains)
Everyone gets sick sometime- and when you do it's nice to know that Humaucracy Health's trained, licensed nurses are there to care for you.  Right in your home if you like!  No need to drag yourself to a clinic or hospital full of other sick people to share more germs with- our licensed professionals can administer most common treatments right at home.  We're happy to stop by, as we are out in your community already!